Port of Dreamers

Another Festival project wins EU funding

The project Port of Dreamers, submitted for funding through the Creative Europe – Culture Sub-programme by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival as lead partner, received positive assessment and was approved funding in the amount of 188,000 EUR. The total value of the project is 316,000 EUR. This is the second project submitted for funding by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival this year and both projects received positive assessment. Besides the Port of Dreamers, this year the Festival will also start with the implementation of the project Future Epics, which makes it one of the few cultural institutions in Croatia with two parallel projects within the Creative Europe framework.

About the project

The project Port of Dreamers was submitted on 18 January 2018 under the Call European Cooperation Projects – small-scale cooperation projects within the Creative Europe – Culture Sub-programme. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the lead partner of the project, with Kulturanova, a civil society organisation from Novi Sad (Serbia) and the Slovene National Theatre of Maribor (Slovenia) as co-organisers. Karla Labaš is the Chief Coordinator of the project and Saša Božić is the Artistic Director. The City of Dubrovnik Development Agency (DURA) also assisted in the application process.

Port of Dreamers is a two-year project with a theme of history of migrations on the European continent, which will serve as an inspiration for young artists – theatre directors, dramatists, actors, choreographers, dancers and visual artists who will participate in the project.

The project will examine the experience of being a migrant, the positive impact of migrations on the development of cultural, social and economic environments and the relationship between the terms (and concepts) ‘a citizen of Europe’ and ‘a migrant’. The first project activities will start by the end of this year. Beside intensive work on the development of a web-based platform and preparation of productions, the project also includes organizing creative labs, research, public discussions and workshops.

Out of 401 projects submitted in this category, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) approved co-funding for 84 projects. The total value of Port of Dreamers project is approximately 316,000 EUR and the European Commission will co-finance 60% of this sum, i.e. 188,000 EUR. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival will invest around 173,000 EUR in the project, and the amount co-financed by the EU fund is approximately 103,000 EUR.

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