Our values

Dubrovnik Summer Festival


is a joint-cultural-artistic-project of three very different organizations (one theatre performing arts festival on site-specific locations, one national theatre and one performing arts and sociocultural NGO centre), all being active in the European theatre, music, contemporary dance and educational, social and cultural spheres.


While the initial impulse was borne out of the mutual desire to create new discourse on the term of migrations trough tracing narratives, memories and places of representation, the project has evolved through series of conversations and meetings among the partners and the lead partner, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

As a result, PORT OF DREAMERS integrates already active and familiar fields into the activities of the partners (performing arts, exhibitions, social and environmentally responsibility actions, projects investigating the synergy between sociocultural activities end development of new audience, actions promoting refugees and their socialization and coexistence in a context of intercultural exchange and recognition, etc.) into a project dealing with European migrant crisis, focusing on the countries on the Balkan Route, but from the angle that those countries were at some point experiencing migration of their own residents (economic, political, warfare migration, etc.). It’s an interdisciplinary project that will gather theatre directors, actors, dancers, dramaturges, writers, multimedia artists and visual artists, bringing them together with European citizens and non-citizens, exposing their stories, experiences, visions, phantasms, emerging from the migrant experience.

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