Port of Dreamers

„Port of Dreamers“ project video

The sublimation of the Port of Dreamers project were three theatre productions created by the project partners and performed in the summer 2021 as part of 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival programme, same as the presentation of the final publication of the project, edited by Benjamin Virc. Those were the plays: Outside Oneself directed by Nataša Rajković and Ivan Penović and produced by Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Celebration written by Ivor Martinić, directed by Jan Krmelj and produced by Slovene National Theatre in Maribor and Under the Same Roof directed by Ivana Janošev and coproduced by Kulturanova Association from Novi Sad and Novi Sad Theatre.

On the occasion of performances in Dubrovnik we chatted with the artists. Some of their thoughts we share in this video.

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