Port of Dreamers

Port of Dreamers theatre productions as part of 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival programme

The core of the 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival theatre programme, will consist of three productions done as part of the EU project Port of Dreamers.

Nataša Rajković and Ivan Penović’s project ‘Beside Oneself’, staged by the Festival, deals with migrations as an inevitable, unceasing social process and all the spaces we define, outline with migration or leave empty by our departure. The dramaturgy of the project is based on the form of previously held workshops for migrants, which enables different performative modes of expression which, in satirical, tragic and pseudo-documentary tone, expose all the pointlessness of attempts to contextualise the other and those who are different with bureaucratic language of European attitude to migrant experience. The play will be performed by the Festival Drama Ensemble led by Nikša Butijer at Lazareti on 13, 14, 15 July at 9.30 pm.

The play ‘Celebration’, directed by Jan Krmelj and produced by the Slovene National Theatre Maribor is a result of a collaboration of various authors and performers, although it was mainly conceived by Ivor Martinić, a renowned Croatian playwright, and Navid Fadaee Nazer, a participant of the migration issues workshop hosted by the Maribor Theatre, who described his real-life experience of travelling from Iran to Slovenia via the Balkan route in an interview with Mojca Marič.  The play will be performed at Lazareti on 18,19 July at 9.30pm.

The play ‘Under the same roof’, directed by Ivana Janošev and co-produced by the civil society organisation Kulturanova and Újvidéki Színház, the theatre of the Hungarian minority from Novi Sad, Serbia, is an adaptation of the book by Amir Baitar, Henning Sussebach: Unter einem Dach. The book is the diary of a German and a Syrian. German Henning invites Amir, a Syrian, into his home and he becomes part of their family, and Henning and his wife Nicole become his German mother and father. From the moment Amir enters the house to the moment he leaves to study, they try to overcome all the prejudices they have towards each other. The play will be performed at Lazareti on July 29 and 30 at 9:30 pm. The play will be performed at Lazareti on 29, 30 July at 9.30pm.

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