Project goals

Dubrovnik Summer Festival


PORT OF DREAMERS aims to promote 100 years of migration on European continent as a source of inspiration for young artists (theatre directors, actors, choreographers, dancers, playwrights, sound and visual artists) to use it in their work and highlight the potential for cross-fertilisation and stronger interaction between the migrant issues and the audience, with special accent on socialization of refugees. By giving space to new people and new approaches to space and set design (including sound and light as more than “just” effects), the project will also attract and engage new audience. Artistic labs and residences will include new faces of theatre and young professionals in different disciplines (playwright, anthropology, history, literature, directing, acting, contemporary dance, choreography, multimedia, set and light design, etc.) that will collaborate through the extensive period of laboratories, creative sessions, workshops with migrants and project development.


Project will have special accent on audience engagement, considering noticeable lack of interest of citizens in the history of migrations on European level. Productions based on research and exploring 100 years of migration on European continent, with interactive relationship with audience, will aim to attract and awake our main target group. Our core target group (students, urban audience, and intellectuals) needs new, intense approaches and content has to be presented to them in a way which they will find attractive. Creation of web platform that will have an archive of narratives connected to current migrant crises and that will have different ways of engaging audience in researches, inviting them to take part as participants in the project or to learn on the experiences of refugees. PORT OF DREAMERS will have 2 theatre productions done by young professionals that have migrant histories as a base for their artistic work. Project will result with solutions which make migrant experience accessible to all, removing social, cultural and national barriers and using new technologies and creative art works to educate and develop interest in common and local migrant experience.


4-weeks long workshops will support the integration of refugees in Europe by giving the opportunity to artists and refugees to work together, discover and learn and this in collaboration with social structures already working with refugee populations. The project aims for giving artistic tools to refugees in order to help them express their own experiences of being a migrant without pushing them in the artistic processes which have to end with a final product, but rather to enable them to use those tools for their own creative expressions and for their socialization processes.  The interactive web platform will offer a space to refuges to share their narratives, documents, photographs, videos, opening their problems to the wider audience.

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