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True story by Moses

I want to talk about my trip from Greece to Austria and the difficulties I faced. Which took 6 months. 5 days in Albania, 12 days in Montenegro, 5 months in Serbia. I led alone . It is not easy at all, many difficulties and challenges faced me on the way, but my resolve was greater. I start it from Greek border to the first big village in Albania, a journey that took 9 hours on foot. I live 5 days in Albania, and then I headed again alone to the borders of Montenegro. On a journey that took 8 hours, I reached the capital of Montenegro, I stayed there for 12 days and made 3 attempts to enter Bosnia, but I didn’t succeed. Many thought that I would go for the fourth time and between going to Serbia, I left the matter of Bosnia and entered Serbia on a trip that took 3 days on the road alone, but it was a different trip that I could have entered in only one day, but I was not aware of the way. I meet with many People in my way they help me people that I will never forget, may God protect them. I stayed for very beautiful months in Serbia. I participated in many events and programs that were available in the camp that added a lot to me. After 5 months of attempts that exceeded the 50 attempts to cross the Croatian border, all of them failed. Everyone knows it’s not easy to cross the Croatia, but with the help of the Lord, I managed to cross Croatia and Solvinia until I arrived in Austria under a truck on a journey that surprised 28 hours , Moses

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